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Immortis "NYODB" - 10" Rise

Image of Immortis "NYODB" - 10" Rise


With the popularity of our "CYODB" philosophy of having 32" wide bars... we decided to make these 2-piece 10" rise bars our "Name Your Own Damn Bars"!

So, when purchasing, make sure you add a note of what you want the decal to say on the oval crossbar! Make it cool though... we are watching.

100% 4130 Chromoly.
Made in the USA!



Rise: 10"
Width: 32"
Backsweep: 12 deg
Upsweep: 1 deg
Weight: 2.375 lbs
Clamp: 22mm


* Bars are not made to handle the abuse of hard riding at full width. The width is there to allow you to cut down to your desired size.


  • Gloss Black - 100% in stock